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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

About Policy

Q:What is a comprehensive policy?

It is an accidental policy that covers your vehicle from all aspects, i.e., Accidental (external means), Fire, Riot and Strike, Atmospheric Disturbance, Earthquake, Theft/Snatch, and Third Party Liability.

Q:What is Self Insurance Policy?

It is a policy in which the Insured bears an excess/deductible of Rs. 10,000 on each and every claim.

Q: What is a 3T policy?

It is a policy in which the Company will Install Trakker, and provide coverage of Theft and Third Party Liability. This policy does not cover Partial and Total Loss of vehicle.

Q:What is a without Trakker policy?

It is policy in which trakker is not installed by TPL Direct Insurance.

Q: What are conditions of getting insurance of a vehicle under "Senior Citizen" package?

The person should be 65 years of age, possess a valid driving license and the vehicle is self-driven.

Q: Who is an "Existing Customer" and what benefits does this customer enjoy?

Existing Customer is one who owns TPL Trakker unit; we provide the waiver of monitoring charges (up to the limit of Rs. 8670).

Q: What are the quick points I need to check in my Vehicle Insurance Policy?

All the information must watch with your details in Registration book including CC, make, model, Fuel Type, Seating Capacity etc.

Q: In how many days will I receive my policy documents?

You will receive your documents within 3 working days.

Q: I have selected the wrong start date, can I change it?

Yes this can be done through a letter or email.

Q: I would like to discuss the details of my quote, which number do I call?

You can call our contact centre on 111-000-301.

Q: What is deductible/excess and is this applicable on my policy?

It is an amount which is borne by you if you make any claim. It is applicable on certain makes and models of vehicles. For details please contact our call centre on 111-000-301.

Q: Why have you asked me to send a copy of my driving license?

In case of an accident the driver must hold a valid driving license failing which claim is repudiated.

Q: Can I drive abroad?

Our insurance policy is applicable in the geographical limits of Pakistan, therefore, no cover overseas cover is provided under the policy.

Q: What do I do if I have lost my certificate?

We shall require an application after which a new certificate will be provided free of charge.

Q: Can I give permission for other people to speak to you on my behalf?

For security reasons it is advisable that the policyholder deals directly with us. You can, however, nominate another person to contact us on your behalf, if necessary. You will have to provide permission and the nominated person(s) details. For security purposes, we will keep their details on file. Named drivers do not automatically have authorization to discuss the policy or make any amendments, unless you have given permission.

Q: What are exceptions of my vehicle insurance policy?

All exceptions are mentioned in your policy, for details you may contact our call centre on 111-000-301.

Q: Will I have to cancel my policy if I buy a new car?

No, in most cases we can simply change your vehicle details on your policy. Depending on your new vehicle, the premium will be adjusted accordingly. Please call our customer services team on 111-000-301 for a quote.

Q: I am moving home - will this affect my premium?

No, until you are moving to an area that is not generally covered by us.

Q: Can I add drivers on to my policy?

Yes, provided they meet with the insurer's terms and conditions. Please call our customer services team on 111-000-301.

Q: What if I change my mind and no longer require the policy?

You can cancel your policy at any time. Cancellation, however, is subject to short period rates that are mentioned in your policy document. Kindly note that once policy is issued the government levies and taxes are not refundable.

About Claims

Q: I have had an accident. How do I make a claim?

Lodge the claim at our 24 hour Call Centre and intimate your claim.

Q: What is the process of claim intimation?

You just have to dial our call centre on 111-000-301 and report the loss after providing brief details of the incident.

Q: How quickly do I need to report an accident?

All claims should be reported as soon as possible to our contact centre immediately.

Q: What is the maximum amount that I can get in claim?

The maximum claim amount is the sum insured which is given in case of Total Loss and Theft/Snatch cases.

Q: Why do I need to tell you about an accident so quickly?

By notifying us as soon as possible about an accident, we can settle your claim quickly and can take measures to prevent further loss. Moreover, instant reporting of a claim will help you to narrate the entire incidence that is fresh.

Q: What is a total loss?

If the cost on the repair of an accidental vehicle is more than 50% of vehicle's current market value, it is likely that such vehicle will be declared as Total Loss as it is uneconomical to get the vehicle repaired.

Q: What should I do if my vehicle is unable to move after accident?

You have to tow it to nearest workshop (designated by us) or contact EVAC (if you have the facility). Contact our call centre for further assistance.

Q: If I have an accident will I get a courtesy car?

Courtesy car is provided on Theft/Snatch and Total Loss claims on comprehensive cover with an add-on of courtesy car. The courtesy car will be provided if we are unable to provide you the claim cheque after 7 days of submission of all required claim documents.

Q: What happens if my car has been stolen/snatched?

If your vehicle is fitted with TPL Trakker device, you have to report it immediately to Trakker Control Room on 111-000-300 and in case of non-recovery, contact our Call Centre at 111-000-301. If your vehicle is without TPL Trakker device, you have to contact our Call Centre at 111-000-301 for lodging of your claim.

Q: What are the documents required if I claim for a partial loss?

On partial losses in which a vehicle is hit by some object, we require a) Copy of valid Driving license of Insured/Driver, b) Copy of CNIC of Insured and driver, c) Police report, if accident had taken place on Highway, d) Copy of Insurance certificate, e) Copy of registration book.

On accessories theft claim, we require a) Copy of valid Driving license of Insured/Driver, b) Copy of CNIC of Insured and driver, c) Police report/roznamcha d) Copy of Insurance certificate e) Copy of registration book.

Q: What are the documents required if I claim for a total loss or theft loss?

We require following documents a) Original Claim Form duly completed signed, b)Original FIR, c) Original Registration Book along with 1st Page, d) Original Insurance Policy and Certificate, e) Original Return File From Excise & Taxation Department, f) Original Number Plates, g) Physical Possession of Damaged vehicle along with all Accessories, h) Letter of Acceptance, i) Letter of Subrogation, j) Transfer Letter in the name of TPL Direct Insurance Limited, k) Loss Vouchers, m) Copies of CNIC & Driving License of Insured and Driver, n) Statement of Driver.

Q: I bought vehicle and insurance policy from the seller; will the Company entertain my claim?

The insurance policy is a contract between Insured and the Insurer, as soon as any change is brought in any details of the Insured or the item insured it had to be informed to the Insurer therefore, when vehicle is sold out to any person, even a family member, the policy becomes void and the new owner cannot take claim from the Insurance Company.

Q: How long will my claim take to settle?

The claim is recorded immediately when reported to us. It is processed within 24 hours, however, claim settlement few claims may take a longer time for settlement depending upon the extent of damage and especially where the quantum of claim cannot be gauged unless relevant parts are dismantled. However, our benchmark is to process your claim within 7 days after receipt of all necessary claim documents as required by the claims department.

Q: I have had an accident but I do not want to make a claim, Should I still tell my motor insurance company?

Yes, you should always tell your insurance company about any incident involving the insured even if no Claim is needed.

Q: Will the Company pay the entire amount if I get the vehicle repaired without informing the Company?

It is very much necessary that as soon as loss incur you report the incidence to the Company, in case you repaired the vehicle without informing, the liability of the Company will not be more than Rs. 500.

Q: I had not registered vehicle in my name but policy is issued in my name, will the Company entertain my claim?

Registration of vehicle is necessary and pre-requisite for entertaining claim. If you have not registered your vehicle, the claim department will not settle the workshop bill and payment will have to be made by yourself. You can get reimbursement of your claim amount from Insurance Company after getting your vehicle registered and providing all the necessary documents that includes claim form, invoices, copy of driving license, copy of registration book, copy of CNIC of Insured, or any other relevant document as and may require by the Insurance Company.

Q: Can I use my own repairer?

Yes, but there are certain conditions. For further details please call 111-000-301.

Q:Will my claim be entertained after policy expiry?

No. Claims that are incurred during the currency of the policy period shall be entertained.

Q: Will the Insurance Company pay my claim if I use my vehicle on rent?

If you declare the purpose of use before commencement of Insurance and agreed on terms and conditions of the Company, otherwise rent vehicles are not covered under the scope of Private Vehicle Insurance.

Q:What happens if a person lost his life while I am driving my vehicle? Will compensation provided?

Yes, it falls under third party Bodily injury. For details please contact our call centre at 111-000-301

Q: What is an uninsured loss?

These are costs you may incur as a result of an accident, that are not already covered by your motor insurance policy. For example, any accessory that is not endorsed in the policy.

Q: Can I get my vehicle repaired from any workshop?

We have arrangements with 3s and Non 3S workshops, please go through the repairer list attached with your policy and get your vehicle repaired from these workshops.

Q: What is depreciation?

It is an amount which you have to pay, if parts are replaced with new ones in case of damage.

Q:Is depreciation applicable from date of purchase or date of registration or date of manufacturing?

Depreciation is applicable from date of manufacturing.

Q: Will the Company change the part if I require?

Part(s) will only be replaced if it is damaged to an extent where it cannot be repaired.

Q: My vehicle engine has seized, can I claim this loss?

This is accidental policy and any mechanical or electrical faults or seizing of engine or fault of any part is not covered under this policy.

Q: What happens if the accident is not my fault?

You need to lodge the claim with details of the insurance of the third party at whose fault the incident occurred. If the claim is charged to the third party or his insurer then your policy will not influence your No Claims discount.

Q: What happens if the accident is my fault?

If the policy is comprehensive insurance your vehicle as well as third party damage will be taken care of by us, subject to production of insurance policy and details of the third party claim.

About Coverage

Q: What are the perils against which my vehicle is covered?

Accidental (external means), Fire, Riot and Strike, Terrorism, Atmospheric Disturbance, Earthquake, Theft/Snatch, and Third Party Liability.

Q: What is Third Party Liability?

Third-Party Liability coverage is part of your Basic Auto plan and covers you for accident claim made by third parties for loss or damage to their vehicle or property.

Q: Are other than factory fitted accessories covered in my vehicle insurance policy?

No. You have to contact our underwriting department for the coverage and additional premium of accessories other than factory fitted.

Q: Can I get immediate cover?

Yes, provided your policy type is without trakker. However, if your policy type is with trakker, then insurance cover starts after installation of trakker device.

Q: What is CV-4 Clause? And in which condition this will apply?

CV-4 clause is applicable on commercial vehicles. If vehicle meets with an accident then under this clause head lights, back lights, front and rear bumpers and paint claim will not be covered.

Q: Will you insure my car if it has modifications?

Any modifications that improve your car's value, performance, handling or attractiveness may be unacceptable. Please call one of our contact centre on 111-000-301 for coverage and premium.

Q: Does my motor policy cover medical expenses?

Yes, we provide an amount of Rs. 350 (any one accident) if you sustain any injury whilst driving the insured vehicle.

Q: What if I want to change some details on my policy?

You can contact our call centre for changes. If the change involves any monetary amount we shall charge you accordingly.

Q: What is not covered under my vehicle insurance policy?

Items which is not part of your vehicle and any item which is installed by yourself for decoration, pleasure and convenience until specifically endorsed in the insurance policy.

Q: My insurance has expired yesterday is there a grace period after last date for renewal?

There is no grace period.

About Renewal

Q: What are the points that I need to check in the renewal notice?

1. Vehicle Reg. No. is Correct, if not kindly call our Call Centre and notify immediately
2. Sum Insured of the vehicle. If it is less/greater than market value than you should increase/decrease the sum insured.

Q: What is No Claim Bonus and what is its percentage?

No Claim Bonus (NCB) is the discount which the Company allows on renewal if no claim made during the policy period. 5% NCB is provided on renewal and each subsequent year 5% is provided till it reaches 25%. In case of a claim two stages of NCB is withdrawn on renewal.

Q: What is Claim Loading and how it is applied?

Claim loading is applied when you take claim and is applied on renewal. For each claim 10% loading is charged on renewal. If you take 2 claims during your policy period, claim loading of 20% will be applied on renewal.

Q: Shall I lose all of my No Claim Bonus when I claim for loss?

No. If you have 15% NCB and you take one claim then on renewal you shall be entitled of 5% NCB.

Q: What happens if I have an outstanding claim, or have had a claim after my renewal quote was issued?

Any claim that is being resolved will affect the renewal premium. Once the claim is settled your premium will be adjusted accordingly.

Q: How do I cancel my renewal?

Need to inform our renewal team or at our contact centre. In case where trakker device is owned by us please ensure that this is removed byTDI. For query please call on 111-000-301.

Q: Can I renew my insurance without an inspection after expiry of policy?

No, it's mandatory for insurance

About Cancellation of Policy

Q: If I want to cancel my policy what should I do?

You are required to submit a written application along with original policy documents. Also need to advise TDI for removal of trakker device installed by TDI.

Q: If I cancel my policy, what are the fees?

There are no fees for cancellation, however, refund of premium on cancellation is subject certain deduction on account of short period, claim taken on policy, Government levies and taxes, etc.

Q: Can Insurance Company cancel my policy?

Yes, the Company may cancel the policy by giving seven day notice period.

General Questions

Q: Can I sell my insurance policy with my vehicle?

The insurance policy cannot be sold to any other person.

Q: Can I sell my vehicle with Trakker device installed in it?

The Trakker unit installed in vehicle is owned by TPL Direct Insurance and it cannot be sold out with the vehicle.

Q: Can I buy the Trakker device that is installed in my vehicle?

Trakker installed in your vehicle is not for sale.

Q: Can anyone in my family drive the vehicle owned by me?

Yes, provided he/she has valid driving license.

Q: Can I insure my vehicle which is used for carrying goods?

Yes, we cover your vehicle under Commercial Vehicle Policy with CV-4 clause.

Q: Can I install trakker in my vehicle which is insured under "Without Trakker" policy?


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Having made a claim this year, I was very impressed with the ease of the process. They actually mean what they say. To me, Auto Insurance means TDI.
Lucky I am with TDI - They have looked after me so well over the years. Fortunately I have only desperately needed their assistance once & they were BRILLIANT!
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When the insurance is combined with EVAC road side assistance along with the efficient Trakker solutions, it gives a complete package for my car security.