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Pakistan’s First Insurance App that Enables Self-Survey

Available for customers, as well as non-customers of TPL Insurance, the first of it’s kind in Pakistan, TPL Insurance allows customers to conduct the survey of their vehicle themselves when requesting a claim or getting insurance for their car.

  1. Lodge Claims through mobile app with Self-survey option
  2. Update details of your vehicle(s)
  3. Profile updates through your mobile
  4. Manage maintenance schedules for your vehicles

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Self Survey

Buying insurance for your car or filing a claim, you can conduct the survey yourself, at your convenience. No need to match schedules with the surveyor.

Fatima Ali, Karachi

"My friends and family often ask which insurance is best for me, and my answer is always the same. TPL Insurance. "

Request Claims Instantly

You can request insurance claims through the mobile app instantly and even select the workshop you want to work with.

Get Your Car Insured

Get your car insured within a few minutes with your mobile app. You don’t need to call anyone, or go to any office.

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