Yodelee App
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Insurance on your fingertips

Round the clock Claims and Information

This revolutionary app enables you to manage your car, health, travel and home insurance policies. Furthermore, you can access your Takaful policies, lodge claims and get instant updates through your smart phone.

  1. Lodge Claims through mobile app
  2. Update details of your vehicle(s)
  3. Profile updates through your mobile

Vehicle Profile

You can search your auto vehicles, view details and send change requests to update the details of your vehicle.

Fatima Ali, Karachi

"My friends and family often ask which insurance is best for me, and my answer is always the same. TPL Insurance. "

Policy Details

You can search your existing insurance policies, view policy details and check the expiry status to track your policy renewals.

Claim Lodging

Select your vehicle, enter the insurance claim details and submit a claim request instantaneously.

Account Management

You can view your profile and send change requests to update your profile, such as your address or mobile number.


TPL Insurance will stay in contact with you through notifications. You will be constantly updated through notifications on policy renewals, claim status, change requests and promotions.

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