Our Vision

To evolve as a dominant insurance player in Pakistan by exploring profitable niches through the deployment of cutting-edge technology and proficient human capital.

Our Mission

To combine strategic marketing with efficient operational execution; providing incomparable service and product innovations to create sustainable value for our stakeholders.

Our Values


Innovation drives our product development as well as operational excellence, as we find ways to do business better to the benefit of all our stakeholders.

Ethics and Integrity

Ethics and integrity are the cornerstones of everything we do, letting our actions speak as loud as our words.

Our People

Our people make our business the success it is today. We are committed to the ongoing professional development and personal growth for each employee.

Customer service

Customer service underpins everything we do in our quest to meet and exceed our customers’ needs.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility guides our behaviour and is a reflection of our commitment towards economic

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