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Convenient Car Insurance for your Peace of Mind

TPL Insurance’s Auto Direct enables you to choose from a wide variety of auto insurance products.
Under Auto Direct we offer multiple products that are specially tailored for every make and model of the vehicle, based on the risk profiling.

TPL Insurance’s Auto Direct ensures the best value for your money through a Comprehensive Insurance Cover and 5T (Terrorism, Theft, Total Loss, Third Party and Tracker) cover.

Moreover, we have various value-added provisions for your vehicle insurance policy such as Kar4Kar which includes; New Car Registration, Courtesy Car, and other provisions such as Personal Accident, No Claim Bonus, Senior Citizens and Lady Driver discounts.

For your complete peace of mind, get the best auto insurance that comes with:

  1. Fastest Claim Settlement
  2. Unparalleled Value Added Provisions
  3. Available 24×7 through our call centre and the Mobile App
Fatima Ali, Karachi

"My friends and family often ask which insurance is best for me, and my answer is always the same. TPL Insurance. "

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Do you want total coverage that insures everything from minor damages to a total loss? The Comprehensive package is for you.

Self Insurance

Cover all damages of up to PKR 10,000 yourself, and we’ll give you a 25% discount on the gross premium.


5 times the benefits with one single insurance. Terrorism, Total Loss, Theft, Third Party Insurance, and Trakker Services all in one great package.

More than Just Insurance Value Additions


Was your new Car Stolen? Suffered a Total Loss? With our Kar4Kar value addition you can be at ease, we will replace your car with a new car of the same make and model within 7 days, as well as new car registration.

Personal Accident

The Personal Accident Value addition has your hospital bills covered if you have an accident. You don’t need to worry about anything with our Personal Accident coverage we care for you and your vehicle.


Anything and everything from a mechanical breakdown to a flat tyre or even if you run out of fuel, our EVAC Service team is available 24x7 for your assistance. This add-on is available only in Karachi.

Senior Citizens

TPL Insurance recognises and values our Senior Citizens (60 years or older) and offers a special discount of 20% in recognition of their seniority and safe driving habits.

Lady Drivers

Here at TPL Insurance we, not only recognise but also, appreciate working women. In recognition, we offer them a special discount of 20% for their cautious driving habits.

Armed Forces

We proudly support our armed forces and offer 20% exclusive discount to all servicing and retired personnel for the vehicle registered under their name.

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Free Features


Claims are lodged in 60 seconds, processed in 45 minutes, and settled within 7 days. we offer unparalleled speed, maximizing customer convenience.

Mobile App

Want the ability to check the status of your claim on a mobile phone application? Our app gives you that ability, and so much more.

Lodging Accident Claims

Our simple, one-step process makes it very easy for you to lodge claims within 60 seconds. You also get the option of taking your car to any of our approved workshops.

Theft Claims

7 days is all it takes. You don’t need to wait for months, or go through the hassle of obtaining a final FIR to receive your claim. 7 days to get a new car, or the value of the car, depending on the policy.

Direct Service

We are focused on your convenience, not an external agents or surveyors. Our engineers will be on the spot within an hour to assist you. Our trusted network of trusted and reliable repair shops take care of everything.

24x7 Customer Service

Want to check the status of your claim? We have a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Want to talk to someone and have your questions answered? Our call center is active 24x7.

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Your information is secure. We will not share your information with anyone.