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Group Health Insurance

The Insurance of choice offered to employers that want to give their employees a health insurance that is available 24×7. In this world of stress and worries, taking care of your employees is becoming more difficult day by day, especially medical treatment costs are raising very high. TPL Insurance helps you ease the burden of medical insurance for your employees by providing unique health insurance products created by experts to meet your employee’s medical need.

  • Coverage will be on a 24-hour basis.
  • Coverage will be for employee, one spouse and children
  • Coverage of overseas treatment is only allowed in case of following conditions:
    • Accidental (on and off road) emergency during normal international visit/trip.
    • Medical necessity not available in the country.This facility can be availed on reimbursement basis equivalent to the reasonable medical cost of Hospital in the city subject to annual limit available.


Fatima Ali, Karachi

"My friends and family often ask which insurance is best for me, and my answer is always the same. TPL Insurance. "

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Group Health Insurance Coverage

In Patient Hospitalization

Major Medical Insurance Coverage

Daycare procedures/surgeries

Specialized Investigation in OPD

Emergency Accidental Treatment

Out-patient (OPD) Coverage (Optional)

Pre and Post Hospitalization Coverage

Maternity Coverage

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Your information is secure. We will not share your information with anyone.