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Window Takaful Operations by TPL Insurance.

Takaful is an alternative system which is based on shariah, while compliant with all aspects of insurance. The term Takaful is derived from Arabic word Kafala, which means a joint guarantee and mutual assistance.

Auto Takaful

Our Auto Takaful enables you to choose from a variety of Shariah Compliant Auto Takaful Products.

Health Takaful

Our Health Takaful products protect you in troubling beliefs keeping in line with your beliefs.

Marine Takaful

Marine Takaful gives you coverage for goods in-transit, coupled with numerous coverage extensions.

Fire & Allied Perils Takaful

More than just Fire insurance, the coverage extensions we offer cover numerous perils.


Claims are lodged in 60 seconds, processed in 45 minutes, and settled within 7 days. we offer unparalleled speed when it comes to everything, maximizing customer convenience.

Direct Service

We are all about your convenience, not an external agents' or surveyors'. Our engineers will be on the spot within an hour to assist you. Our trusted network of trusted and reliable repair shops take care of everything.

24x7 Customer Service

Want to talk to someone and have your questions answered? Our call center is active 24x7.

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