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Terms & Conditions – MTAG

MTAG Terms & Conditions


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Insurance Terms and Conditions:
1. Insurance rates include all government levies and taxes. Please note that any increase in government levies and taxes will result in a proportionate increase in the rates.
2. The quoted rate is exclusively available for JazzCash users who purchase MTAG top-up through JazzCash.
3. Damages or losses arising from personal conflicts are not covered under the policy.
4. Mechanical and electrical breakdowns are not covered under the policy.
5. Standard depreciation clause applied when replacing auto parts.
6. Third-party liability coverage is limited to a total of PKR 20,000 for both property damage and bodily injury..
7. JazzCash will provide the following information to TPL Insurance Ltd:

Onboarding- Data:
Customer name, Contact Number (JazzCash Wallet), Email, CNIC number, MTAG ID and car registration number
Car Accident Claim – Document:
Damage pictures, vehicle registration book, motorway police report, CNIC, driving license
Car Towing – Document:
Car towing bill, vehicle registration paper, CNIC, driving license
Third Party Liability – Document:
Damage pictures, vehicle registration paper, motorway police report, CNIC, driving license
8. Coverage is limited to motorways and highways, where the MTAG facility is available.
9. Coverage begins when the vehicle’s MTAG is scanned at the toll plaza upon entering the motorway or highway and coverage concludes when the vehicle exits from the motorway.
10. In case of an accidental claim, Motorway police report is mandatory.
11. This policy operates on a single-claim basis and will be terminated once a claim is settled.
12. All claims will be settled on a reimbursement basis.
13. Claims will be processed if the vehicle is driven within the maximum speed limits defined by NHA (National Highway Authority).
14. Customer will share the vehicle’s MTAG check-in and check-out details in case of a claim, if required by TPL.
15. JazzCash will share details of new subscriptions on a daily or real-time basis.
16. In case of any claim, the insured must inform TPL within 3 hours of the accident.


Claim process:
1. Insured can intimate claim through the app. Motorway police report and vehicle damage images will be required to process the claim.
2. Claim intimation via app along with the above information/documents/images will be verified by the claims department and settled as per the terms and conditions of the policy.
3. Claim will be settled on unrepaired damaged value subject to termination of policy i.e. no re-inspection required.
4. Claim to be settled on JazzCash account provided at the time of policy issuance.
5. If the Motorway police arranges towing services at zero cost, then no towing charges will be payable.
6. The maximum limit for third-party will be PKR 20,000/- covering property damage, bodily injury, and death claims. Any legal proceedings related to these claims will be the responsibility of the insured.