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Broad Coverage from Marine Insurance Experts

TPL Insurance offers technologically advanced and fast solutions for marine cargo import, export and inland transit. Designed to provide comprehensive coverage for goods in transit for manufacturers, importers & exporters, commodity traders operating locally and internationally, logistics companies and more. Numerous coverage extensions are available to cater your requirements with the utmost convenience.

Our Marine Insurance addresses the needs of many. Whether it is an Importer/ Exporter, local manufacturer, an excavation contractor, a property developer, a trucker or a specialist operation, coverage can be essential to protecting business property in an ever changing market.

Marine Liability products provide coverage for charterers, marina operators, ship repairers, stevedores, terminal operators and wharfingers on both a primary and excess basis.

We can offer an all risk cover, including partial losses, or a total loss only cover, coverage details shared below.

General Average Coverage

This coverage is basic requirement in the marine cargo transits. More specifically, it covers only partial loss occurred to the shipment. It requires all the other cargo holding owners on the ship to pay compensation to the periled cargo owner.

Warehouse to Warehouse Coverage

This coverage is applicable when shipment is unloaded from the ship and it gets transported to the customer's warehouse. Insurance companies are very particular about compensating only the insurance holder's cargo, not other owners' cargo.

All Risk Coverage

This coverage provides extensive protection against damage or loss due to external factors. Though, this is called all risk coverage under this policy coverage, Exclusions are:

* Damages due to inferior packing * Infestation
* Cargo abandonment * Customs rejection
* Employee's dishonesty etc.

Free from Particular Average Coverage (Related to Maritime Insurance)

Free from Particular Average excludes coverage for partial losses to the cargo or to hull except those resulting from stranding, sinking, burning, or collision. The shipper does not pay for minor losses (pre-decided percentage) and is only liable in case of significant losses to the cargo. Coverage varies as per storage location of cargo and includes the following perils:

* Collision * Heavy weather * Sinking

* Derailment * Non-Delivery * Theft

* Fire * Earthquake

Container Insurance – Damage or Loss to Containers

The container insurance is based on a Sum Insured, calculated at the maximum value of the containers as per the declaration made of the owner or lessee. In case of a loss or damage to a container due to an insured peril, the assured is indemnified for the value of the container or the cost of repairs.
Typical perils insured:
* Total Loss: Loss of the container (based on agreed value)
* Partial Loss: Damage caused to a container, the cost of repairs will be paid.
* Partial Liability: The value of the containers salvaged that will form part as a contribution for general average or salvage. Also including liability incurred in a collision.

Marina Operators

Protects marina operators against liability for damage to private pleasure vessels or craft - while in their care, custody or control for storage or repair or alteration

Terminal Operators

Protects terminal operators against liability for damage to vessels, cargo and property of others while in their care, custody or control


Covers legal liability in connection with direct physical loss of or damage to the property of others arising from the loading, unloading and movement of cargo within a terminal.

Ship Repairers

• Covers legal liability for loss or damage to vessels, their equipment and cargo while the vessels are in the insured's care while being repaired or awaiting repair or alteration

• Coverage can be extended to include liability for third-party bodily injury and property damage, strikes and pollution

Bumbershoot / Excess Liability

• Bumbershoot liability coverage for traditional marine liabilities such as protection and indemnity, collision, specific marine liabilities as well as non-marine liabilities such as automobile, employers liability and commercial general liability.

• Excess marine liability coverage responds when the scheduled primary or underlying insurance is exhausted.


• Covers the legal liability of commercial wharf owners for physical loss to vessels and their cargo while at their dock or wharf facilities, or physical loss to other property caused by such vessels.


• Protection for importers, exporters or traders who enter into a contract (charter party) with a vessel owner to lease all or part of a vessel against liabilities arising under vessel chartering agreement

• Covers damage arising out of loading or unloading and unsafe berth or wharf conditions, plus liability for damage to piers and pier facilities and liability for loss of life or bodily injury resulting from the charterer's negligence

• Coverage can also be extended to include liability for damage to cargo of third parties carried on board the vessel

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