Cyber Risk Insurance

Protect your business in an increasingly digital world

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The days when anti-virus and firewall were enough to protect your online operations, are long gone. Operating in the digital world today demands businesses to be more vigilant than ever before, that’s why TPL Insurance offers end-to-end coverage against cyber security and confidentiality breaches, cyber extortion and vulnerabilities that can cause significant damage to your business.

To ensure your complete peace of mind, Cyber Insurance provides First Party Cover, Third Party cover, Business Interruption and Crisis Management, keeping in perspective the regulatory, PR, operational and psychological costs that come with cybercrimes.

The right time to secure your business and your customers’ valuable data is now. Let us add our business expertise to yours so you could stay ahead of the curve

First Party Cover

Hacker Theft Cover
Cyber Extortion

Business Interruption

Cover for Loss of Revenue

Third Party Cover

Protects your business against:
- Privacy and confidentiality breaches
- Network security cover
- Media liability
- Regulatory costs and fines
- Consumer redress funds cover
- Internal Investigation costs
- PCIDSS cover

Crisis Management

Forensic Costs, Data Breach Response, Data Identification and Prevention Costs, Legal and Regulatory Advice Cost, Reputation Advice Cost, Third Party Indemnification advice cost


TPL Insurance offers unparalleled speed when it comes to everything, maximising customer convenience.

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