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Engineering Insurance

We’ve designed a collection of insurance products, especially for the Engineering & Contractors businesses to provide the appropriate protection. We offer numerous coverage, which include:

  1. Contractor’s All Risks
  2. Comprehensive Machinery Insurance
  3. Electronic Equipment Insurance
  4. Erection All Risks
  5. Machinery loss of Profit
  6. Machinery Breakdown
  7. Contractor’s Plant & Machinery
  8. Deterioration of Stock
  9. Boiler Pressure Vessel

More information about each coverage can be found below:

Contractor’s All Risks

The policy has two Sections to cater for all contingencies associated with Contract works.
Section I: Material Damage This Section covers loss or damage to contract works and other ancillary facilities on comprehensive basis
Section II: Third Party Liability This Section covers legal liabilities to third parties arising out of accidental bodily injury or property damage in connection with contract works.
The policy provides protection throughout the construction period followed by a 12 month maintenance period.

Comprehensive Machinery Insurance

This policy offers “all risks” cover of a predominantly engineering nature, particularly against machinery breakdown, fire, lightning and chemical explosion, as well as natural perils for the entire insured plant, with only a few property exclusions and excluded perils. In addition, optional business interruption cover can also be granted in respect of loss of profits, including increased cost of working, or in respect of specified standing charges

(Section 2 of the policy).

Electronic Equipment Insurance

Electronic equipment are exposed to risks of unforeseen and sudden causes resulting in loss
Or damage.
The various types of electronic equipment that can be covered are as follows:
• Computers
• Micro processors
• Audio-visual equipment
• Telecommunication equipment
• Electro-medical installations
• Material testing and research equipment
• Other office equipment like calculators, duplicating machines, scanning machines

Erection All Risks

Similar to the Contractor's All Risks Insurance but specifically designed for Erection/Installation projects, where the values of the Plant/Equipment dominate the Contract Value.

Machinery Loss of Profit

Machinery Loss of Profit insurance indemnifies the actual loss of gross profit sustained as a result of a business interruption caused by an accident covered under machinery insurance.

Machinery Breakdown

The policy covers loss or damage to insured static Plant & Machinery against sudden, accidental and unforeseen physical loss or damage including mechanical/electrical breakdown.

Boiler Pressure Vessel

It provides cover against losses or Damage (other than by fire) to any boiler or pressure vessel and to other property of the insured, liability of the insured at law for damage to property not belonging to the insured, liability of the insured at law on account of fatal or non-fatal injuries to any persons other than the insured’s own employees or workmen or members of the insured’s family, caused by and solely due to explosion or collapse of any boiler or pressure vessel whilst in the course of ordinary working.

Deterioration of Stock

The policy covers Deterioration of Stocks in refrigerated cold rooms/chambers following an incident, which gives rise to a claim under the underlying Machinery Insurance Policy. Therefore, availability of a Machinery Insurance policy is a pre-condition for Deterioration of Stocks Insurance.

Contractor's Plant & Machinery

The cover is designed for Mobile Plant & Equipment used in construction sites against sudden, accidental and unforeseen loss or damage but excluding mechanical/electrical breakdown. The same criteria apply as in the case of Machinery Insurance.


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