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NTN Number: 0710812-5
Company Registration Number: 028772
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THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited, 1st Floor, 40-C Block-6, P.E.C.H.S Karachi-75400, Pakistan.
Tel: 021.34168270  UAN:
Fax: 021.34168271

Compliance Certificate

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Ernst & Young Ford Rhodes
Chartered Accountants

Shares Information

Symbol: TPLI

Link of Pakistan Stock Exchange:

Latest Earning per share as on 30st September 2018: Rs. 0.01
Price Earnings ratio as on 31st December 2017: 17.84 Times
Break-up value per share as on 0st September 2018: Rs. 11.86

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Rating of Company: A+ (PACRA)

Legal Advisors

Mohsin Tayebaly & Co.