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TPL Insurance provides indemnity for its corporate clientele to compensate for pecuniary losses cover under the following

  1. Cash in Safe
  2. Cash in Transit
  3. Fidelity Guarantee
  4. Workmen Compensation
  5. Plate Glass
  6. Neon Sign

More information about each cover can be found below:

Money Insurance

The policy has two sections to cater pecuniary losses;
1. Cash in Transit
2. Cash in Safe
It is designed to protect against loss of money whilst on the premises during business hours, whilst in a locked Safe out of business hours and whilst in transit between specified locations by authorized employees.

Workmen Compensation

The Workmen's Compensation Act provides no-fault benefits in the event of death or injury to a 'Workman' (normally with an income of less than PKRS 3,000 per month) due to an accident at work. Employers can protect themselves in case they are required to pay under the terms of this Act for injury to an employee by purchasing our Workmen's Compensation policy.

Fidelity Guarantee

The policy is designed to protect the Insured against fraudulent or dishonest act(s) committed by the employees in the course of the employment for their financial gain, which result in a financial loss to the Insured.

Neon Sign

This is all risk coverage, providing financial compensation to the insured for the accidental damage to the Neon Signs installed in public places.

Plate Glass

This policy is designed for buildings with Plate glass doors, windows, glass panels and showcases.


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