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Mobile Insurance

Mobile Insurance

Experience the convenience and security of TPL Mobile Insurance. For us, it’s not just about shielding your device; it’s about securing your peace of mind, our coverage offers comprehensive protection against accidents, theft, and screen damage. In a fast-paced world where mobile devices play a crucial role, our insurance is tailored to keep you connected without straining your budget.

Trust TPL Mobile Insurance for a seamless and cost-effective solution, ensuring your device stays protected


Accidental and / or Physical Damage
Theft /Armed holdup of mobile phones
Maximum sum insured – Rs. 100,000/-

General Exclusions:

  • War, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), civil war, strike, lock-out, civil commotion, military or usurped power, a group of malicious persons or persons anting on behalf of ore in connection with any political organization, Conspiracy, confiscation, mandeering, requisition or destruction or damage by order of any government de jure or de facto or by any public authority
  • Nuclear reaction, nuclear radiation or radioactive contamination
  • Willful act or willful negligence of the insured or of his representatives.

Special Exclusions:

  • The deductible and depreciation stated in the schedule to be borne by the insured in any one occurrence if more than one item is lost or damaged in one occurrence the insured shall not however be called upon to bear more than the highest single deductible applicable to such items
  • Loss or damage directly or indirectly caused by or arising out of earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunami, hurricane, cyclone or typhoon.
  • Loss or damage caused by any faults or defects existing at the time of commencement of this policy within the knowledge of the insured or his representatives, whether such faults or defects were known to the insurers or not
  • Loss or damage directly or indirectly caused by the failure or interruption of any gas water or electricity service or supply
  • Loss or damage as a direct consequence of the continual influence of operation (e.g, wear and tear, cavitation, erosion, corrosion, incrustation) or of gradual deterioration due to atmospheric conditions
  • Any costs incurred in connection with the elimination of functional failures, unless such failures were caused by an indemnifiable loss of or damage to the insured items
  • Any costs incurred in connection with the maintenance of the insured items such exclusion also applying to parts exchanged in the course of such maintenance operations
  • Loss or damage for which the manufacturer or supplier of the insured items is responsible either by law or under contract
  • Loss of or damage to rented or hired equipment for which the owner is responsible either by low or under a lease and/or maintenance agreement
  • Consequential Loss or liability of any kind or description
  • Loss, usage or corruption of data, images, games, logos, wallpaper, videos or download due to theft, damage or breakdown of the assured’s mobile due to theft, damage or breakdown or damage caused by virus.
  • Any damages covered under the manufacturing warranty

Open the App and Tap on the Mobile insuranceEnter your mobile detailsSelect on Screen Protection & theftCapture live picturesEnter your personal detailsProceed to pay nowEnter your payment detailsAnd there you go!


Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get my replacement phone?
You will not be getting a replacement phone. Instead, a cheque by the Insurance company as per settlement amount.

How do I enroll my phone in Coverage?
1. TPL insurance mobile app
2. Whenever you purchase a mobile phone from Daraz, you can subscribe from there for the same.

Can I cover my old/existing phone?
No, you cannot insure your old phone. You can only get insurance coverage for your new phone within 7 days of purchase.

Which makes and models of mobile phones are covered?
All makes and models of smartphones that are valued under PKR 100,000 & purchased within the Pakistan are covered.

What should I do if I need to make a claim?
You are required to report the Theft/Snatching to the Police as soon as possible after the discovery of the incident and obtain a FIR or Roznamcha in support of a theft claim. After obtaining FIR/Online FIR or Roznamcha, you are required to report the theft or loss to the TPL Insurance via Call at 021 111 000 301

Can I raise claim in case of wear and tear or any damage to my phone?
No, only accidental damage or loss of phone in result of Theft & Snatching are covered

How many days do I have to file a claim for my phone?
Claims must be reported within 7 days of the date of loss.

Do I need a proof of purchase if I make a claim?
Yes, you must have a proof of purchase for your mobile phone if you wish to make a claim. The proof of purchase must provide evidence that you own the phone.

How do I make a claim?
To make a claim you are required to provide following:

• Claim form; duly filled, signed and stamped. (Form attached in annexure)
• Original copy of repair invoice. (If set is repairable)
• Vendor’s written statement specifying details of damages. (If set is beyond repair)
• Claimant’s written statement specifying details of damages.
• Pictures of damaged equipment with clear and readable serial number.
• FIR/Online FIR or Roznamcha Copy of CNIC Mobile Phone
• Insured Item if the condition is beyond repair
• Invoice Mobile phone accessories and box (Nominal amount from claim settlement amount will be deducted, in case of non-provision of the mobile phone box).

Can I a raise claim in case I lose my phone?
No, only loss of phone in result of Theft & Snatching are covered

Is there a limit on the number of claims I can make?
A customer can make one claim in 12 months if it’s a single claim policy and multiple if it’s multiple claim policy in case of phone damage only. However in case of total loss or theft the claim will be paid once only.

How long will it take for my claim to be processed?
Insurance company cannot begin to assess your claim until they have received the fully completed claim form and all the required supporting documentation. Not completing the claim form fully or not providing all the required supporting documentation will delay the assessment of your claim. Estimated TAT after complete document submission is 10 working days.