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Experience a groundbreaking leap forward in pet care with Pawsurance, by TPL Insurance. As the first of its kind in the country, we’re dedicated to providing comprehensive coverage tailored to the unique healthcare needs of your beloved pets, be they cats or dogs. From tiny sniffles to unexpected emergencies, our insurance plans ensure peace of mind for you and the well-being of your pets.


Key Features


Comprehensive Coverage

Pawsurance offers an all-encompassing coverage, spanning veterinary expenses, surgeries, and preventive care. Your pet’s well-being is our foremost concern


Tailored Plans

Acknowledging the individuality of each pet, our flexible plans accommodate various breeds, ages, and healthcare requirements, ensuring personalized coverage for your beloved furry companion


Peace of Mind

Bid farewell to financial worries related to your pet’s health. With Pawsurance, focus on creating joyful moments while leaving the concern of unexpected vet bills to us.

Accidents Illnesses
Alternative therapy if prescribed by a licensed veterinarian Veterinary treatment for a covered illness during hospitalization (an illness that is not considered pre-existing)
Intravenous (IV) fluids and medications Expenses listed under accident benefits when applicable to an illness
Medical supplies Diagnostic and laboratory testing including CT’s, MRI’s and other imaging
Diagnostics including MRI, CT scans and/or x-rays Cancer treatments (including but not limited to chemotherapy and radiation treatment)
Poison control consultation fees Surgery and specialized care
Prescription medications prescribed by a veterinarian Emergencies and hospitalization
Veterinary treatment, consultations and laboratory and diagnostic tests Treatment for bladder stones and crystals for a limited period of time.

Behavioral issues including psychiatric issues, Hair & Nail trimming, Ear cleaning, Boarding fees unless deemed medically necessary.
Breeding, pregnancy, whelping or nursing unless complications arise from breeding, pregnancy or whelping if the date of the breeding falls after the 14-day waiting period.
Cloned pets or cloning procedures, whether or not deemed experimental or for research.
Congenital defects or abnormalities where clinical sign(s) were apparent prior to the effective date of the policy or that became apparent during the 30 day waiting period.
Cruciate ligaments, luxation of the patella or other knee disorders: Treatment associated with damage or rupture of cruciate ligaments, luxation of the patella or other soft tissue disorders of the knee where clinical sign(s) occur during the first six (6) months that the policy is in effect; provided, however, that this exclusion does not apply if your pet is examined by a vet within the first thirty (30) days of the policy and the medical record specifically notes your pet does not have any pre-existing conditions relating to its knees.
Decontamination (i.e., the induction of vomiting, stomach pumping, or treatment with charcoal), medical, or surgical treatment of your pet arising from a repetitive and specific activity if the same or a similar activity has occurred two (2) times within the eighteen (18) month period prior to the initial coverage effective date.
Elective or specialty procedures, including but not limited to tail docking, dewclaw removal, eyelash removal, ear cropping, spaying or neutering, cosmetic dentistry; elective gastropexy; or routine anal gland expression.
Experimental procedures and treatments.
Food, including food prescribed by a vet, to treat or prevent illness unless the food is used to dissolve existing bladder stones and crystals in urine (subject to limitations).
Grooming or grooming supplies.
House calls, unless a vet certifies them essential in an emergency; or extra costs or fees for treating your pet outside of usual surgery hours, unless the treating vet certifies that an immediate life-saving consultation is needed.
Housing, including cages – rented or bought.
Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) when another disc in the same or neighboring spinal region (e.g. Cervical, lumbosacral) was previously treated or showing clinical sign(s) prior to the effective date of this policy or during the 14-day waiting period.
Loss if you have not complied with all conditions related to coverage set forth in your policy.
Non-veterinary services, including but not limited to federal, state or local taxes, waste disposal, government fees and surcharges, photocopying fees, bank fees and credit card charges, biohazardous waste fees, OSHA fees and maintenance fees.
Obedience or training classes, including puppy classes, training, correctional devices, or wellness products; or the treatment of coprophagia or other eating disorders.
Organ transplants not deemed medically necessary or not first approved by us.
Parasites: Treatments or wellness treatments for parasites or conditions related to parasites (internal or external) unless there is no wellness medication for the parasite including but not limited to heartworms, fleas, ticks, roundworms, tapeworms, or hookworms.
Pre-existing conditions including any illness or injury that first showed clinical sign(s) before the effective date of this policy or during the waiting period.
Routine and preventive treatments, including but not limited to vaccinations, wellness medications (including those for heartworm and flea and tick prevention), or routine examinations.
Routine medical treatments and/or therapy not administered or prescribed/referred by a vet (or under a vet’s direct supervision) including holistic, homeopathic, acupuncture, chiropractic, or physical therapy.
Rental of a pool or hydro-therapy equipment of any type.
Telephone consultations, except if provided for an immediate life-saving emergency consultation. While your policy does not cover telephone consults, policyholders have access to free, unlimited 24/7 vet chat.
Time and travel expenses to a vet’s premises or hospital.
Treatment, death or humane destruction of your pet directly or indirectly caused by, happening through, arising or resulting from, or contributed to or by invasion, war, revolt, rebellion, revolution, military or usurped power, governmental seizure, quarantine, or other action related to public safety or health.
  • Treatment of illness or injury: 
    1. Arising out of racing; coursing; commercial guarding; organized fighting; or any other occupational, professional or business uses of your pet. 
    2. An intentional injury or condition as a result of abuse (including persistent neglect) of your pet, by you or a member of your household. 
    3. For which you were advised by a vet to take preventive measures and did not do so. 
Treatment, death or humane destruction of your pet directly or indirectly caused by, happening through, arising or resulting from, or contributed to or by avian Influenza or any mutant variation, chemical, biological, biochemical or electromagnetic weapon, device, agent or material, whether controlled or uncontrolled, accidental or otherwise, nuclear reaction, radiation, radioactive contamination or the discharge of nuclear device, whether controlled or uncontrolled, accidental or otherwise.

Insure Your Furry Friend


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Pawsurance cover?
Hospitalization treatment due to accidental injury and illness of the pets

Are pre-existing conditions covered?
No, pre-existing conditions are not covered

Can I customize my coverage?
No, coverage cannot be customized

Are there any restrictions on where I can use my Pawsurance coverage?
For non-emergency cases, it’s best to seek treatment at a Panel Hospital whenever possible. If you’re in a city in Pakistan where there’s no Panel Hospital available, you can still get treatment at a Non-Panel Hospital. In cases of emergency, treatment can be sought at any hospital, regardless of its status as a Panel Hospital.

Will my premium increase as my pet ages?
No. Age Limit for Cats & Dogs – 08 Weeks to 08 Years

Are routine and preventive care services covered?
No, routine and preventive care services are not covered

Is there a waiting period before coverage begins?
Yes, there is a 30 days waiting period.

Is there a limit to how much coverage I can receive per year?
Yes there are two options: Option A: 100,000 & Option B: 60,000

What is Pawsurance and why do I need it?
Pawsurance is a pet insurance plan that helps you financially prepare for unexpected veterinary bills. Pets can get sick or injured just like us, and these costs can add up quickly. Pawsurance helps cover these expenses, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on your furry friend’s recovery.

How does Pawsurance work?
Pawsurance reimburses you for a portion of your covered veterinary expenses once you meet your deductible. You choose a plan with a specific coverage level and deductible amount that fits your budget.

How do I choose the right Pawsurance plan for my pet?
Pawsurance offers different plans with varying coverage levels for accidents, illnesses, and wellness care. Consider your pet’s age, breed, health history, and your budget when choosing a plan. Talk to a Pawsurance representative or browse their plans online to find the best fit.

What types of pets are eligible for coverage?
Pawsurance typically covers cats and dogs..

How do I add another pet?
Adding another pet to your Pawsurance policy is usually straightforward. Contact Pawsurance and inquire about adding a new pet. They will ask you for your new pet’s information and may require additional health screening depending on the plan.

What is the age limit for enrolling my pet in insurance?
Most pet insurance companies, including Pawsurance, have age limits for enrollment. These vary depending on the company and the plan, but generally range from 8 weeks to 8 years old.

Are there any breed restrictions?
Some pet insurance companies may have breed restrictions due to certain breeds having higher health risks. Contact Pawsurance to see if they have any breed restrictions on their plans. (Verify with Underwriting team)

Do I need to provide medical records for my pet to enroll?
Some Pawsurance plans may require a veterinary health certificate upon enrollment, particularly for older pets. Check with Pawsurance about their specific requirements for your chosen plan. (Verify with Underwriting team)

Can I cancel my policy?
Yes, it will be cancel according to short period clause.

How are claims processed?

For the reimbursement method, simply complete the claim form following the provided instructions, and submit it to our claims department. You can conveniently send your claim via WhatsApp or email.

  • WhatsApp: +92 308 2220467
  • Email: petclaims@tplinsurance.com

For cashless service, visit any of our panel hospitals across Karachi for immediate treatment without upfront payment. Our cashless network ensures your pet receives prompt care.

Can I visit any veterinarian?
Yes, you have the flexibility to take your pet to any veterinary clinic of your choice

What happens if I need to visit an emergency vet?
In case of an emergency, we recommend taking your pet to our panel hospital. If there’s no panel hospital nearby, any pet clinic would suffice.

Is there a limit to how many claims I can make?
Yes, there’s an annual limit cap per pet for claims.