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TPL Insurance (WTO) and Takaful Bazaar Partner to Offer Shariah Compliant Services

TPL Insurance Limited – Window Takaful Operations (WTO), one of the leading insurance providers in Pakistan, has partnered with Takaful Bazaar, an upcoming Takaful digital platform, to offer shariah-compliant services to customers. The partnership aims to promote and offer Shariah Compliant products and smooth the customer handling journey via technology enablement.

At an exclusive event held at Pearl Continental, Karachi, Takaful Bazaar announced their collaboration with the captain of the Pakistan cricket team, Babar Azam. The attendees enthusiastically received the announcement, including TPL Insurance and Takaful Bazaar representatives.

The partnership between TPL Insurance (WTO) and Takaful Bazaar represents a significant milestone for the Takaful industry in Pakistan, as it provides customers access to a broader range of shariah-compliant products and services. This partnership is also a testament to both companies’ innovative and technology-driven approaches to increasing insurance penetration in Pakistan.

On this partnership, Mr. Muhammad Aminuddin, CEO of TPL Insurance, said, “TPL Insurance has always been an innovator and tech-enabled company. It is these same concepts which Takaful Bazaar has adopted to increase insurance penetration in the Pakistan market. We are pleased to work alongside Takaful Bazaar and wish Mr. Mustafa Rehman and Mr. Hassan R. Muhammadi all the best in their endeavour to enhance financial inclusion and provide a safety net to the masses.”

The Co-founders of Takaful Bazaar, Mr Mustafa Rehman & Hassan R. Muhammadi, reiterated their commitment to providing a financial safety net to the masses in Pakistan, saying, “We have only one goal, which is to provide a financial safety net to the masses in Pakistan. Takaful Bazaar aims to provide a one-stop solution when it comes to takaful. Together with the Takaful industry, we will increase penetration and enhance financial inclusion.

Takaful Bazaar aims to provide a one-stop solution for takaful and is committed to enhancing financial inclusion and providing a safety net to the masses in Pakistan. The platform offers a wide range of Shariah Compliant insurance products, including motor, travel, and health insurance.

TPL Insurance, on the other hand, is known for its innovative and technology-driven approach to providing insurance products and services in Pakistan. The company has been at the forefront of the insurance industry in Pakistan, offering a range of insurance solutions to meet the diverse needs of its customers.

The partnership between TPL Insurance (WTO) and Takaful Bazaar is expected to drive growth and innovation in the Takaful industry in Pakistan. The collaboration between the two companies will enable them to leverage their respective strengths and resources to provide customers with better, more accessible, and affordable Shariah Compliant insurance products and services.

About TPL Insurance

TPL Insurance Limited is the first company in Pakistan to sell general insurance & takaful products directly to the consumer. Since its launch in 2005, the company has grown from strength to strength and is now the leading Insurtech player in Pakistan. TPL Insurance Limited obtained a window takaful license from SECP in 2014 and specializes in tech-driven innovative solutions and digitally integrated systems to provide hassle-free customer experiences and round-the-clock services to 300K+ customers. As an AA-rated insurer, TPL Insurance Limited is committed to the development of commercial and personal line portfolios by exploring new channels, expanding existing relationships, and maintaining higher risk retention.